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Bianya/Viaña 1937

27 photo transfers on Hahnemüller paper
Hahnemüller paper on foam board


Bianya / Viaña 1937 started with a postcard that I found in Barcelona in February 2015. This postcard has the following text on the back cover: «Sant Salvador de Bianya 1937», under the «Bianya» it puts the apparent correction of «Viaña».  
It was precisely this "correction" that prompted me to start a documentation process that led me to investigate and relate the date (1937), the place (Sant Salvador de Bianya), and the territory (Girona). The research led me to deduce the historical context: the Spanish civil war, the change of language, and the officialization of Spanish as the official language of Spain and later, the change of name of the cities and towns of Catalonia. From Bianya to Viaña.
Following the traces of a postcard as part of the documentation, I traveled many times to the town of Sant Salvador de Bianya from Barcelona with the postcard in hand; in this way, accelerating the process of deterioration and disappearance of the image that the postcard had.
Finally, I decided to treat the image myself, manipulating it in such a way that I completely lost the information it contained, that is, until it reached absolute white.  
IMG_5890 copy.jpg
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