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Urban Solutions I: Wheels are also places

Ink on cotton paper
15x15 cm  


Based on a series of investigations, approaches, and fieldwork, the project Urban Solutions I (...) represents the first phase of a broad investigation of the same name that questions our interactions in public space.  In this case, the project presents 13 drawings divided into two groups: "modern project" and "contemporaneity", in which the urgency of rethinking the urban furniture of the city of Lima is raised and questioned. 

In the case of the drawings that are part of the "modern project" group, these were conceived from a re-interpretation of certain social housing projects developed in the 1960s that sought to respond to the migratory crisis, from the interior of the country to the capital, that Peru faced in the 1940s and 1950s due to the internal armed conflict and the search for progress and prosperity that the population living outside Lima sought; the so-called Modern Project of Peru is considered the golden age and boom of architecture in the country. 

On the other hand, the drawings of the "contemporaneity" group also involve the re-interpretation of the current furniture of the Peruvian capital, which is decontextualized and transformed in such a way that the experience of the citizen from the public space is used in a playful way giving space for interaction.  

Urban Solutions I (...) seeks not only to generate possibilities to inhabit the public space, especially after the pandemic but also to recover in a critical way that period in the history of Peru in which architecture sought to respond to social problems by proposing projects that were able to respond to the social moment and the time.

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