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dones, espai.jpg

dones, espai, treball signatura, politica

Installation, photography
Wood, thread count, stock photography
Five stock photos and five thread counters on white wood  
Wood: 80x20cm. 5 prints:  45x35cm each


dones, espai, treball, signature, politica (women, space, work, signature, politics) part of the realization of a list of nineteen random words that I later searched one by one in the archives of the Institut d'Estudis Fotogràfics de Catalunya (IEFC), in order to know the image equivalence of each of these words.

Subsequently, after a selection, of nineteen words, five remained: "dones, espai, treball, signature, politica", those that interested me the most not only because of what the word itself contains, but also because of the file-word-image relationship these five final words gave me.

The result was five photographs equivalent to these five words from different periods in the history of Catalonia and Europe that I accompanied with five thread counters, one on each photograph, evidencing a bodily gesture of some character in the five images.

Finally, only these five gestures are extracted and each one is reproduced on a white paper in the same position as in the original photo.

The project dones, espai, treball, signatura, politica maintains its name in Catalan because those are the exact words that I used to search the IEFC archive and those equivalent to a unique code that is equivalent to a series of images that only remained those five. 

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