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Papier und tinte

Installation, drawing, photography
Series of 5 drawings and 50 vinyls
Phenolic plywood table, cotton paper and vinyl
Drawings: 45x70cm. Table: 1mx70. Vinyls: 20x15cm
Barcelona, Madrid, Lima


Papier und tinte (Paper and ink) proposes a series of drawings of five covers and inside pages of the La Vanguardia and Amauta newspapers from the 1970s to 1992, and the documentation of the public installation of each of the covers on the newsstand during 2019.

After a documentation and research process in the archives of the newspaper La Vanguardia in Barcelona and in the National Library of Lima, I began to analyze the way to "save" and "preserve" the different types of newspapers within the archive; which were archived according to how crucial the news they were announced during that time was. And how that "hierarchy of history", of those events, organized and classified the history of a territory within the archive.

In this way, appealing to the importance that a news item represents within the story and how it reaches the viewer in the form of a newspaper, press, or the media, I decided to choose five covers and inner pages within the archive and reproduce them by hand to make "unique pieces" of the history of Peru and Spain and display them in public space.  

Each one of them in ink and mixed technique (rubbing, photo transfer) respecting the size of the original paper, and in this way confronting the idea of mass production within the scope of the news and the written press. Also confronting the news to others (at the time it is installed in public space), juxtaposing time and oblivion.

Finally, Papier und tinte proposes, in addition to the series of covers/interiors, the installation of each one of them in the public space, in the kiosks of the city of Lima. The intervention was recorded during the days that the covers were exposed to the public. 

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