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The hygiene of memory

Video installation site specific
1:27 loop video projection in 16: 9  
Sant Martí de Solamal Church  
Vall de Bianya, Catalonia


Taking as place the Sant Martí de Solamal church in the Vall de Bianya (Catalonia), the project The hygiene of memory is developed through a video projected on the apse of the church in a dark environment, where two hands are seen inserting a photograph of the same church in the water in a baptismal font. Once the image is fully inside, the sound of the bells “intervenes” and “distorts” the image for a few seconds, repeating over and over again. 
The hygiene of memory, raises the concept of water as a central element of the work, either as a liturgical-religious element, or as a tool for the disappearance of the image; at the moment when the sound vibration intervenes in such a way the image that disrupts its atmosphere and, at the same time, disintegrates the image. 
On the other hand, the project alludes to gestures that are part of everyday life and even history; like that of a believer when entering a church, he touches the holy water of the sink and crosses himself, or the action of “washing his hands” as a metaphor for disregarding some event or situation, a gesture that also contains a strong Biblical and historical significance. 
Finally, as its name says, the hygiene of memory puts into dialogue a series of concepts that revolve around the image of water, of hygiene "itself" in how it is used for the representation, intervention, and disappearance of the memory of a geographical site. 

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