10 photographs in black and white 

Silver gelatin print on photo paper

Image: 12x17,5cm. Display: white paspartú: 30x24cm


Zona Franca, Barcelona  

Land, has as starting point the project: Projects: Pier 18 (1977), curated by the entrepreneur, artist and critic Willoughby Sharp (1936-2008). Sharp's project consisted in the realization of artwork of twenty seven artists, on the Pier 18; a totally disconnected place of artistic creation.

It is precisely under this premise where part this project; -UES as a setting free zone, a place on the outskirts of Barcelona, totally disconnected from any artistic practice but at the same time, open to a wide variety of work, I decided to document specific actions. The project live without land, co-writing and photographically documented the concepts of what is not, of how one lives and feels the space through time; a space and land of nobody, currently unoccupied, occupied and developed in an area totally industrial. The work records the existence and non-existence of things, elements and the memory of an absent community. 

Living without a land

Gelatin silver print on photo paper

Image: 12x17,7cm / Display: White paspartú 30x24cm

Zona Franca 


Land.   2014.