Barbarian poems

Photography, text

Serie de 15 photographies and 15 phases on paper
Ink injection on William Turner paper

Photography and text: 80x50cm
Barcelona,Baix Llobrega

Barbarian poems, consists in the compilation of texts, phrases, fragments of pages, notebooks, postcards, notes, found in the streets and trash in Barcelona during 2017. Those sentences are next to fifteen photographs made the same year at the Agricultural Park of the Baix Llobregat at the Colònia Güell in Barcelona, a place completely unrelated to the artistic creation and belonging to the periphery of the city.

Each of the fifteen photographs is placed next to a phrase extracted from the garbage, anonymous, abject and barbaric because of its “unpleasant” origin.

The Barbarian poems project confronts the text and the image, elevating it to an “artistic-expositive” nature, but especially giving importance to rejected texts, decontextualized and anonymous to give them another context and meaning, next to unfocused, pictorial, landscape photographs in constant movement and with a wide potential poetic meaning. Images of non-place, a place in transit, where the photographic image is disappearing.