It is necessary to flee from the content as if it was a plague


Book, object
Serie of 2 books
Inkjet printing


Conceived under a script System, It is necessary to lee from the content as if it was a plague works as an object of instrucción for his previous realization. Composed by 18 pages, three chapters and five characters, the project propones the "mise-en-scène" of 33 set designs on a dark space. 

A trip through the various states that make up the composition and architecture of memory, read through the actions and movements of five characters on stage guided by a circle of light. 

Hidden behind the skeleton of a movie script, It is necessary to lee from the content as if it was a plague propones two books, one in catalan and other in Spanish, both translated with the aim to give accessibility and proximity to the possible director for the "staging" of the script. 

Finally, following the premise and initial concept of the object, in case of any reader wants to relieve a printed copy with notes, sketches and possible clarifications about the script, you can send a message at the bottom of this page.


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